In Tihany not only can we enjoy the fishing and floating ont he water with a boat at Balaton but even next to Tihany at the inner lake. All you need is 10 minutes of walk to get to the sacred part of the lake altough we’d recommend you to climb a few hills before you do so because the sight the lake can give to you while being hugged by the green nature and soft wind is definently a lifetime experience. We can rent a boat to let ourselves turn off our minds from the evryday’s duties and simply enjoy living and become one with the water and air.

We can also just walk around the lake and see the ancient cattle grazing. It does not matter how many times have we seen sunsets because the distant dreamworld we step into when the Sun sinks below behind the mountains will guide us trough a joyful purification with alive light flowing trough us and the golden colorful water while listening to songbirds. The experience is undescribeable and i wish evryone will see it one day.


The inner lake

Balaton’s maybe most beautiful pearl the inner lake can be found right next to the edge of the settlement Tihany. The inner lake’s bed has been created by vulcanic activities which in later times was filled up by rain and aquiferic water. This leads to the lake having a consantly changing water level a long time ago it has completly dried out.

The most recent researches prove that the inner and outer lakes beds are both craters and have been both created by the vulcanic after effects a very long time ago. Once the vulcanos vanished the craters turned into calderas. Into these calderas clayey water was flown and therefore created a layer that held the water ever since that. The inner lake lies 28 meters above Balaton yet they do not connect. The inner like still has a little bit of seepage that in 1930 lead to a landslide.

The inner lake’s life can be known from the last 70 years which is still only possible because a research station was planted near it that happened to look into the life of water birds and the fish. According to old descriptions and images the lake used to have a completly different looking 80 years ago. The lake was known as „small Balaton” and people people described all the 30 hectare territory as a dense forest of water plants.

The bottom of the lake was filled up with plants as well. If you happened to see open water whitout reed growing there you could have known that below there still are plenty of seaweeds. At the edge of the lake there were a few other plants growing that we barely have anymore nowdays such as erdeikáka (forest bulrush) békabuzogány (frog mace) etc. The water used to be clean enough for us to easily observe all the life that is hidden from us in nowdays’s not practicularly clean waters.  Additional Information