Vért’s hunting region lies at the Mezőföldi hill land near Gerecse’s frontal area right on the Etyeki hill. Mainly there are big wild animals with a fairly dense forset (32 % of the land) the most common kinds of trees are tan oak and acacia. The most important animals are red deers wild hogs and deers but there is a smaller muflon populacy living there too. If you happen to go and have a trip you may see foxes badgers wild cats or heidys.

In the year 1999 at Vért’s parts there was a 875 wild garden for animals that you can hunt, literally any Hungarian big wild animal. The ground favours the wild animals with it’s rough and dense bushes and forests.

In 2002 when hunters went together they have succesfully brought home 82 wild hogs, 62 was male.

The hunting cabin that was recently renewed is waiting for anyone in beautful enviroment around it.


You will need to turn to Vál at Váli-valley resting place (33 Km).  Then until you reach Felcsút turn towards Etyek. Once you leave the Göböljárási split road just go trough the Saint László stream’s bride and you’ll see the main gates in a matter of seconds.