Of 23 February to 23 May and 15 September to 23 November 2008.
In Tihany not only can we enjoy the fishing and floating ont he water with a boat at Balaton but even next to Tihany at the inner lake. All you need is 10 minutes of walk to get to the sacred part of the lake altough we’d recommend you to climb a few hills before you do so because the sight the lake can give to you while being hugged by the green nature and soft wind is definently a lifetime experience. We can rent a boat to let ourselves turn off our minds from the evryday’s duties and simply enjoy living and become one with the water and air. We can also just walk around the lake and see the ancient cattle grazing. It does not matter how many times have we seen sunsets because the distant dreamworld we step into when the Sun sinks below behind the mountains will guide us trough a joyful purification with alive light flowing trough us and the golden colorful water while listening to songbirds. The experience is undescribeable and i wish evryone will see it one day.
The winehouse can be found in Csopak at the Öreghegyi Dűlő (Old mountain vineyard). Having unmatched natural environment with preserved ancient traditional looking the house attracts strangers from great distances. There you can taste the highest quality wines in Hungary and possibly in all of Europe.
Lake facing valley between Grp and Paloznak cultivated szõlõiket after Christ I - And IV. century between the number of species (Balácapuszta) Roman villa Obsitos legionnaires in the XI. the first time, our King St. Stephen century estate vineyards from Veszprém Valley apácamonostor serfs, the nineteenth century. mid-century, is famous for its wine Ranolder JohnBishop of Veszprém. This geologically very diverse in the summer on hot days, the nights cool edge of the Bakony refreshed, beautiful scenery created by God in the vineyard.
There are plenty of places to try out horse riding in the country altough the one in Tihany at the inner lake is far the best among all of them. The place is exceptionally unique but not because of shiny modern technology not at all. The reason is that the people there who have been safeguarding our traditions have kept all the horses donkeys and mules in their natural environment. The sight is almost never to be seen nowdays and the best part is we can also observe the beautiful panorama of the land. The animals are so tame and peacful and many of them built up a sort of friendship with foreigners.
A tortuous cave system is hiding under the streets and houses of Tapolca, a little town not far from Balaton. In the strictly protected cave, which was discovered more than 100 years ago, the visitors can make a unique boat trip on the lit, bluish water of the underground lake. All year round the temperature is about 18 °C in the cave. At the entrance publications and souvenirs are available.